Some FAQ's answered

Q: Where are you based?

I am now based at my beautiful office building very close to Gatwick Airport.

Q: Is it really safe to buy from the internet? I have heard many horror stories.

Of course I know there are sharks in every business, but I am 100% proven and fully legitimate and offer a full money back guarantee. 

My customer service record is second to none. I am available seven days a week between the hours of 9am and 6pm and answer my phone up until around 10pm. I answer every single phone call and e-mail and 99% of the enquiries I receive are dealt with within 15 minutes. I know that in this business your reputation is vital so I guard mine very closely.

Q: Can I claim the VAT on the watch that is purchased from you?

No because there is no VAT payable on pre-owned watches. Therefore you are not paying VAT in the first place.

Q: How long have you been in this business?

Since 1975

Q: Can I visit you to select a watch?

Most certainly, you are very welcome - viewing is strictly by appointment only.

Q: Do you have a shop?

Not anymore, three robberies in 4 years at my last shop were more than I could bear!

Q: What separates you from other watch and jewellery dealers?

Quite simply I have a passion for what I do. I am a true old school "dealers dealer" who enjoys travelling around the UK and indeed across Europe finding bargains and fine objects at reasonable prices.

Q: Will you discount your Rolex watches?

The advertised prices of my Rolex watches are generally not negotiable unless marked otherwise. My prices are already very reasonable when compared to other retail outlets and I regularly sell to other traders who sell my watches for up to 50% more than my own advertised prices.

Q: How can I pay?

My preferred method of payment is either bank transfer or Pay Pal. Cash on personal collection is also available. For security reasons watch dealers across the country no longer accept card payments over the phone.

Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Of course, I offer a no questions asked, full seven day money back guarantee as long as your item is safely returned to me in the same condition as it left. This period is extended for overseas clients to take shipping time into consideration. 

Q: Are the pictures that I see of the actual item?

Yes, I do all of my own photography in house.

Q: What is the best time to contact you?

You can call me  anytime between 9am and 7pm seven days a week. If I am busy then please leave a message and I will call you back very quickly, usually within five minutes.

Q: Will the bracelet fit my wrist?

I can adjust to fit, please call me for more details if in doubt. All of my watches will fit an average (ladies) or (gents) wrist. However, if the bracelet is too small I can supply extra links at our trade cost. So there is no need to worry about wrist size.

Q: Who services your watches?

I have my own Rolex trained technician with 27 years of experience and who completed his watchmakers apprenticeship way back in August 1961. I also have a small network of approved service engineers that cover all of the world’s major watch brands.

Q: In what sort of condition are your watches?

Let me be quite clear on this issue. I only ever sell watches in fabulous condition. When I buy, its with my own hard earnt cash and I buy every watch with its condition as a priority. Remember, before you spend your money on one of my watches, I’ve already spent my own on it.

Q: Your watches look so good - how to you achieve this?

I put some of my watches through a professional and very expensive restoration procedure. The movements are cleaned and properly serviced. The case and bracelet are correctly re-polished and the dials may be restored (vintage models only). But more often, I'm just very picky about what I buy.

Q: Do you check your watches against the Rolex lost & stolen register?

Sadly, this service is no longer available from Rolex UK. However, I take great care when buying any Rolex watch and insist on formal ID checks from anyone selling a Rolex watch. This will include supplying me with proof of their name, address and personal identity (Such as a Passport or UK Drivers Licence).

Q: Do you buy watches?

Yes - but only top brands in very good condition. As a rough guideline if your watch is worth less than £1,000, or is damaged or badly worn then it probably isn't for me.

Q: I cannot see the watch that I want, are you able to get it for me?

I  cannot list everything that I have in stock as this can change on a daily basis. I also have other watches in stock that are not always listed for sale. Please call for more details.

Q: Can you supply trade?

Yes, I already supply a number of High Street Jewellers around the UK and Ireland.

Q: Do you ship World Wide?

I ship World Wide with a few exceptions. If in doubt, please ask. I do not ship to Africa or Indonesia under any circumstances.

Q: Where do you get your stock from?

I travel across Europe buying quality stock. I also have a superb and long established network of associates within the trade who help me find quality stock. Every watch and item of jewellery that I buy is carefully hand selected and purchased with my own money. If you wish to sell then please contact me for further information.

Q: Do you service watches?

Only those that I have supplied.

Q: Is the item I want still in stock?

The availability status of every item is stated in each individual item description and my website is updated twice daily.

Q: Can you supply new Rolex watches?

I can supply unworn watches complete with their factory seals, but they are pre-owned unworn and not officially brand new.

Q: Are you an approved Rolex dealership?

No, I am a totally independent dealer with no attachment or association with Rolex SA. I mainly sell pre-owned Rolex watches it would be impossible for me to become an officially approved Rolex dealership. This however, is to your advantage as I am not tied to any particular brand or pricing structure.

Q: How many watches does Rolex manufacture each year?

Rolex doesn't release exact numbers, however, according to industry estimates and considering the number of Chronometer certificates issued to Rolex over the past few years, it's safe to assume that Rolex produces somewhere between 700,000 to 800,000 watches annually.

Q: Where is the Serial Number on my Rolex, and how can I tell how old my watch is?

On early Rolex watches they stamped the Serial Number on the outside of the case back. Then, around the mid-1940s they moved the serial number to the side of the case (between the lugs) at the 6 o'clock position.

It is worth mentioning that the Case Reference Number (i.e. the Model Number) is located on the opposite side of the case at the 12 o'clock position - the bracelet must be removed to access these numbers.

On later models the serial number can be found on the inner bezel (around the inside of the crystal) at the front of the watch.

Q: How often should I have my Rolex serviced?

It is recommended to have your watch serviced every 5 years. By having your watch serviced regularly you will reduce the chances of needing any serious (and costly) repairs. I am able to offer a wide range servicing from minor repairs to a full overhaul.

Q: Will my Rolex keep good time?

If your watch is off a few seconds per day (fast or slow) you can regulate it depending on the position you leave the watch at night when you're not wearing it, as follows: By leaving the watch's dial (or face) up can cause it to gain (or run fast) up to a few seconds per day. On the other hand, by leaving the watch's dial (or face) down can cause it to lose (or run slow) up to a few seconds per day.

Please bear in mind, however, that Rolex watches are all individual with many moving parts that can expand under varying conditions. Let us make this quite clear, particularly to the layman. No Rolex watch, no matter how expensive, will ever keep time as accurately as a cheap quartz movement that relies only on a simple pulse to keep time.

Think of your Rolex as a “time machine” rather than just a simple watch. It is a piece of engineering and a work of art. If you’re looking for split second accuracy, then a Rolex (or any fine watch for that matter) is probably not for you.

When brand new, Rolex guarantee most of their models to within 35 seconds per week.

Q: Do genuine Rolex watches tick or sweep?

This is, without question, the biggest misconception regarding Rolex watches, the “sweeping" versus "ticking" question. In the past people used this as a method of identifying counterfeit Rolex watches. The truth is, genuine Rolex watches do, in fact, "tick". However, they tick at a very speedy 5 to 6 times per second that gives the eye the illusion of "sweeping" or "floating" around the dial. If you watch the second hand with a jewellers loupe you can see it. The second hs sweep, but with a heart beat all of its own...

Q: How can I tell if my Rolex is genuine?

The simple answer to this question is that no one without the necessary experience is even remotely qualified to judge a real from counterfeit. I often hear clients say that there are some “good fakes” out there when the truth is that there is no such thing as a “good fake” to a professional. These pieces of worthless junk might appear “real like” to a novice, but to a professional they are very, very obvious indeed.

The biggest tip that I could give to the novice watch buyer is to use your touch rather than your eyes. The general engineering quality of a genuine Rolex can be felt whilst counterfeit models are quite crudely finished and have a cheap “feel” to them.
Look for honest signs of wear, especially around and inside of the clasp area?

If the watch has been worn and has genuine age then there should be signs of use. Counterfeit watches usually start to break up within 12 months. So look for signs that the watch has been worn for a good period and feel for quality engineering.

Q: Is my Rolex waterproof?

All Rolex watches are water resistant when new and factory sealed. Some models are waterproof and there is a difference between water resistant and water proof. Water resistant means the watch should ‘resist water’ under certain conditions - such as heavy rain, washing the dishes, taking a shower and shallow swimming.

Waterproof means that the watch has been tested under stringent conditions and is water tight at certain depths. Rolex Sports models, like the Submariner and the Yachtmaster are the preferred models of regular water inhabitants. All of our watches have been pressure tested for water resistance. However, dress watches, such as the Datejust model are not really designed for regular or deep water use.

You should also ensure that your crown (winder) is completely tight and fully locked down before any use around water. Of course, all seals in any watch will perish at some stage in their life. You may not find out until it’s too late and water finds its way into your treasured timepiece.

When wearing any quality watch my personal advice would be to avoid contact with water unless really necessary and then ensure that your model it water proof rather than water resistant. Why take the chance of ruining your watch and running up a hefty repair bill?

An old watch dealer once said to me:

“When I’m in a Restaurant I wear my Rolex"
“When I want to swim I wear a Swatch”

A very sound piece of advice indeed.

Q: How important are “Box and Papers”?

There can be no denying that it’s always nice if the watch you are buying has its original Box and Papers. Sadly however, the general public appear to be experts in mislaying these objects. A recent survey showed that 67% of watches are separated from their box, paper and original receipt within the first 5 years of ownership.

Every further year the percentage increases accordingly and by the time most watches are 10 years old, 98% of original paperwork is lost by the one (or more) owners that it has had during its ten year lifetime. From a dealers point of view this is rather frustrating.

When buying a watch the first thing we ask is “does it have its box and paper”?

Invariably the answer is that they’ve been lost, mislaid, or that they are “somewhere in the loft and I’ll find them one day”

A Rolex warranty paper is only valid for two years from purchase. So in all honesty, once out of date, they are pretty worthless in reality, but they do remain a nice thing to have.

I replace lost original papers with my own legally binding authenticity, warranty and insurance valuation paperwork. This supersedes the out of date, original paper if it is not present.

You should always remember that a cardboard box and a piece of paper does not, in any way, shape or form verify a watches authenticity.

If you place a Rolex warranty paper under a Timex it does not become a Rolex. And the same thing applies the other way around. The only thing that really matters is the quality and the authenticity of the watch itself...

Q: What are your best selling watches?

1: Rolex Datejust
2: Rolex Submariner
3: Rolex Ladies Datejust
4: Rolex Daytona
5: Rolex GMT Master II