About Paul Thorpe

A warm welcome to my website, thank you for visiting and for taking time to read about me, my history in the watch and jewellery industry and what I do today...

Watches have been a passion of mine since I was just 14, way back in 1975. Over the years I have made many friends within the trade all around the world, and its quite likely that anyone you know within this business will know about me, how I work and my long standing reputation within the watch and jewellery industry.

Over the years my family has had three "bricks and mortar" High Street shops. Sadly, after three serious robberies in less than four years, I made a decision that came very hard for me and my staff, one that has seen me take early (semi) retirement and revert to dealing online without the risks that owning a shop brings. Sadly, security is now the most important part of the watch industry. 

Today, for me this business is somewhat of a hobby rather than a necessity and I spend a lot of my time supplying and helping other dealers. Mostly I still enjoy dealing with the public. Since the sale of my last shop the lack of High Street overheads now means that I can be more competitive than ever which is great news for everyone.

Of course, everyone in the trade and all of my old and regular customers know that I'm someone who can be trusted 100% but I understand that new customers might feel uneasy dealing with someone who works online rather than from a shop premises. This is totally understandable and why I encourage you to contact me personally before making a purchase, to review my customers comments, or to search for me on Google or even You Tube...

All of my golden and key customer ethos practices are known within the industry. I treat every customer how I'd expect to be treated myself, and my personal aim in life is to try and make people happy.

I believe you will only hear good things about me and what I do. If you'd like a chat before making a purchase then please feel free to give me a call on either 01342 317536 or 07710 444459 and I will be happy to offer you free and friendly advice.

Meanwhile I hope you enjoy my website and I sincerely look forward to serving you soon.

Paul Thorpe.


  • For security reasons all watches are now kept in a safety deposit box at the Bank.
  • I do not keep or carry any watches at any time other than to meet clients with a previously arranged appointment.
  • I do not keep any watches at home or at my office or any place of work. Every item remains in the bank until purchased.
  • I am regularly in Central London, Brighton and the Surrey / Sussex areas.
  • I have many friends in the business around the UK and can often arrange a viewing at their premises if that helps.
  • Safety and security is my number one concern and no amount of money will see me deviate from my way of operating.

Thank you for understanding and for helping me secure a safe working environment.


Is available by appointment at my office based at Gatwick. I do not meet private or unknown clients anywhere other than my office for safety reasons.

Please see the following link for more information on personal viewing.


I am available to the media, national and local for all watch industry related questions and enquiries.

I have been dealing in fine watches since 1975 and have extensive experience within the business with a high level of experience handling all areas of the media.

Media: My services are generally free of charge depending on your requirements.

Authorities: Police and local authorities are always welcome and my advice is always free to these sectors.

Call Paul Thorpe on 07710 444459 for more information. 

My media portfolio:

  • Sky TV
  • ITV
  • BBC South East (TV)
  • BBC National (TV)
  • Channel 4
  • BBC South East (Radio)
  • Various local radio stations
  • The Daily Mail newspaper
  • Daily Mirror newspaper
  • The Sun newspaper

Authority portfolio:

  • Assisted numerous UK Police forces with watch related issues and investigations